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Упражнения: истории, сказки

Для тех, кто уже освоил произношение английских звуков и слов, настала пора попробовать себя в настоящем деле. В этом разделе вам предлагаются небольшие рассказы на английском языке. Вы можете либо просто послушать их, либо почитать вслух.

  • There were two goats. There was a narrow bridge over a river. One day a goat was crossing this bridge. Just at the middle of the bridge he met the other goat. There was no room for them to pass. "Go back", said one goat to the other. "Why should I go back?" said the other goat. "Because I am stronger than you", said the first goat. "You are not stronger than I", said the second goat. "We will see about that", said the first goat and put down his horns to fight. "Stop!" said the se
  • Once the Wind and the Sun came to have a quarrel about who was stronger. At last they agreed to have a trial of strength. "Here comes a traveller," said the Sun. "Let us see who can take his cloak off.". The Wind agreed and chose to have the first turn. He huffed and puffed, but the traveller only wrapped his cloak more tightly around himself. Finally the Wind had blown himself out and curled up on top of a cloud to catch his breath. Then it was the turn of the Sun. At first he shone very gently
  • Once there were two Cocks living in the same farmyard who could not bear the sight of each other. At last one day they flew up to fight it out, beak and claw. They fought until one of them was beaten and crawled off to a corner to hide. The Cock that had won the battle flew to the top of the hen-house, and, proudly flapping his wings, crowed with all his might to tell the world about his victory. But an Eagle, circling overhead, heard the boasting chanticleer and, swooping down, carried him off
  • An Ass found a Lion's skin left in the forest by a hunter. He dressed himself in it, and amused himself by hiding in a thicket and rushing out suddenly at the animals who passed that way. All took to their heels the moment they saw him. The Ass was so pleased to see the animals running away from him, that he could not keep from expressing his delight by a loud, harsh bray. A Fox, who ran with the rest, stopped short as soon as he heard the voice. Approaching the Ass, he said with a laugh: "If yo